Terms and Condition

1.1 By using our software service, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions outlined below. These terms apply to the entire software and any email or other type of communication between you and this product.

2.1 Our service mainly includes URL shortening and offering analytical reports

2.2 This product and its services are delivered electronically

2.3 It is not responsible for any issues which are out of our control

2.4 Enduser shall not exceed the number and/or frequency of API calls, concurrent URL shortens or other access to or use of our Services.

2.5 Some of the links are affiliate ones created by endusers. By buying through the links they receive a commission for the sale.

2.6 Users may use affiliate links to products or services and recommend them to community users and may receive a compensation.

2.7 We may occasionally place ads (text, video, etc.) and earn advertising fees to maintain our services.

2.8 By default, we will always keep the core services remain clean, safer and free.

2.9 If an enduser has attempted to exceed or circumvent these limitations, we may suspend or block their access to our services.

3.1 We do not read, save or exchange any personal information. This product doesn't contain any malware or adwares.

3.2 Our servers and services are secured with industry standard HTTPS and SSL protocols.

3.3 Our services are controlled by Rate Limiters to mitigate potential DDoS attacks.

4.1 If our services are misused for phishing and spamming activities, then we may block your IPs and terminate account.

4.2 If our data (links and analytics) are affected, we would either sanitize them or remove permanently.

5.1 Ownership of the product is governed by DSNET.